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Babacan Premium

Turkey Istanbul Esenyurt Zafer Mahallesi Babacan Premium

Project Features

Project with 1400 Flats in Istanbul: Babacan Premium Babacan Premium housing project, located on the European side of Istanbul, was implemented by Babacan Yapı.

There are 1,400 residences and 115 commercial units in the project, which is designed as 6 blocks on a 28,500 square meter land area. Among the site features of the mixed project, which consists of residences, terraces, home offices, shopping malls and suites, there are 60% green space, children’s playgrounds, artificial pond, outdoor swimming pool, walking and jogging tracks, indoor and outdoor parking lot and security services with cameras. Babacan Premium housing project also has privileges such as dance hall, sauna, fitness center, sprinkler system, lobby and reception service.

Babacan Premium housing project, rising on Adile Naşit Boulevard in Istanbul’s Esenyurt district, right next to public transportation, stands out with its advantageous location 100 meters from the E-5 highway, the main artery of the city, 500 meters from the metrobus station and 15 kilometers from Atatürk Airport. However, transportation from the project location to the central districts of Istanbul can take more than 40 minutes, especially during peak hours. The modern and aesthetic architecture Babacan Yapı purchased a factory land in Esenyurt and completed its construction within the scope of urban transformation.

The project, which stands out with its architectural structure and social life opportunities, also includes a 5-storey school building designed as an education area. Housing for every lifestyle Babacan Premium housing project includes 1+0, 1+1, 2+1 and 3+1 apartment options with areas ranging from 50 square meters to 200 square meters. Designed with the concept of business, family, nature and life, the project has 3 separate entrances and exits for residence apartments, home office apartments and 2+1 and 3+1 apartments. In addition, the project includes apartments with a dressing room, en-suite bathroom and balcony, and apartments with a terrace. The heat cost allocator system has also been applied in the houses where the heating is provided by the central heating system.

A Premium Design

While designing Babacan Premium, we were inspired by Istanbul and we wanted to leave both a symbolic structure to Istanbul and a valuable legacy to our future. In the big city that connects two continents, his life, work and social life came together in the same project. A mixed project was built in Babacan Premium, which consists of a total of 1,010 residences and 56 commercial units in 4 blocks and 2 towers that respect family values ​​and feed each other’s investment value.

Leisure Time Will Be Replaced With Fun Moments.

Leisure Time Will Be Replaced With Fun Moments

Babacan Premium‘s distinguished living standards were designed with different interests in mind. The alternative social living areas in the project are areas that will allow you to have pleasant moments with your loved ones, away from the stress of the day. Babacan Premium has pleasant surprises at every corner for its residents of all ages. The artificial pond, outdoor swimming pool, fitness center and play station rooms and social areas of Babacan Premium are at your service every day for you to make the most of your free time.

Garden Pleasure in the Middle of the City

Spending peaceful moments with your family and being refreshed is just one of the beauties that Babacan Premium offers you. 60% of Babacan Premium is reserved for green areas and social facilities so that you can enjoy the peace of nature and entertainment to the fullest. The trees and plants that were carefully selected for the project, inspired by nature, were shaped by leading landscape architects. Many more surprises await you to discover in the specially designed landscape area, where green areas stand out and are stylized with camellias, artificial ponds, jasmine pools and ornamental waterfalls.

Babacan Premium Life Project

Babacan Premium offers its residents unique areas where they can reward themselves. While waiting for you and your loved ones to release the stress of the day into the cool waters with a specially designed outdoor swimming pool, special lodge areas around it and a children’s pool next to it, entertaining areas such as the cinema room, indoor and outdoor children’s playgrounds and the play station room will allow you to get rid of the stress of the day.

Babacan Premium Socializing Areas

In addition to sports activities, in Premium Club, you will find privileges that will renew yourself in private, mystical environments with Turkish bath, spa and sauna, massage room and steam room and make you smile healthily at every moment.

Babacan Premium Security

A sense of security where every detail is under control 24/7, indoor and outdoor spaces where you can spend pleasant time, houses that are the center of peace and happiness… All elements that ensure a perfect life are under constant control at Babacan Premium. Close your eyes and experience the peace of professional security. All risks and possibilities are under control at Babacan Premium with a single door entry, 24/7 working camera system, fire and smoke warning sensors and professional security team.

Babacan Premium Means Convenience in Transportation

Babacan Premium is located in a unique location at the junction point of Avcılar, Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt districts. It is an investment that will always preserve its value, with its location on the main transportation axis of Istanbul, E-5, and the connection roads that you can access directly from your home. Your car is safe in the parking lot at Babacan Premium. Your car park is just a few steps away from your house. It is very easy to reach, either by your private vehicle or by public transport. With the Metrobus and the Beylikdüzü Metro, whose tender has been completed, everything you need in Babacan Premium is right next to you… it is very easy to reach it either by your private car or by public transportation. With Metrobus and the Beylikdüzü Metro whose tender has been completed, everything you need in Babacan Premium is right next to you.

Type: Square meter: Price:

1+0—43 m²—–1+1—67m2— 81 m²—–2+1 —E—90 m²——

2+1—90 m2—172 m²—–2+1—C—95 m²—–2+1—D—116 m²— –

2+1—B—118 m²—–2+1 F—120 m²—–2+1 A—129 m²—–

2+1 Garden—179 m2 – 279 m²—–3+1—130 m2- 230 m²—–3+1 B—143 m²—–3+1 A—165 m²

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