ARİS GRAND TOWER ÇİFT CEPHE 2+1 SATILIK DAİRE 445 000 tl 0554 587 61 58

Aris Grand Tower project, with the joint venture of Zerka Yapı, Nihal Construction, Kaymakçı Construction and Gürdoğan Construction, is rising as a simple project with its architecture as well as its privileged status. With years of experience in cleaning, modern construction technology, aesthetics in modern facilities, robust and safe, ambitious rooms, residences and business centers where the project about the project, you start your life from the summit.

Aris Grand Tower, which consists of 310 residential areas and 18 commercial areas in a 6500 m2 area, starts life from the top. The 42-storey Aris Grand Tower project, which consists of 1 + 1, 2 + 1 and 3 + 1 apartments, reveals its difference with the historical place. Just 1100 meters from Metrobus and E-5, Aris Grand Tower is just 10 places away from the Tem motorway.


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