Information about Turkish title deed or TAPU in turkey 0554 587 61 57

Information about Turkish title deed or TAPU in turkey 0554 587 61 57

The document that regulates a particular property, verifies the property ownership OF the person mentioned in the document, provides information about the property and the survey numbers and determines the location of the property. This document is regulated by the Directorate of Land Registry.

The property deed shall be only given to the owner of the property (the legal owner) and Persons who own other rights in the property other than ownership (such as the lessor or the mortgagor) are not given the title deed. If the property is owned by more than one person, one bond is given indicating the share of each person in the property, and each may be given a special bond, but shows the share of the owner of the bond in the property, Where the owner’s name is written in the owner box with mentioning of his share.

The title deed shows the ownership of the person (full or partial) mentioned in the bond, if the name of one person is mentioned only in the owner’s square without mentioning a percentage of 1/3 or 1/5 or other, it means that the property is owned by the person named in the bond only, If the percentage is mentioned, it means that there is a partner, and that the person named in the property owns as much as the percentage mentioned in the bond as the partners in the property are partners in all property parts, that is, the real estate partner does not have a dedicated part of the property and other partners have other parts, but all are partners in all.

Each apartment within a building or villa has the right of full ownership or easement. It is an independent property in itself, Therefore, each of these parts shall be governed by a special document.


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