Metro and Metrobus at Your Side
It is very easy to reach Babacan Premium, which is built on the Beylikdüzü E-5 (D-100 Highway), either by your private vehicle or by public transportation. With its unique location, metrobus and Beylikdüzü Metro whose tender has been completed, everything you need in Babacan Premium is right next to you ...
At the Crossroads of Districts
Situated at the junction point of Istanbul's most valuable regions, Babacan Premium is located in a unique location at the junction point of Avcılar, Beylikdüzü and Esenyurt districts. The investment that will always preserve its value with its location on E-5, the main transportation axis of Istanbul and the connection roads that you can reach directly from your home, comes to life in Babacan Premium.
Special Education Area
Babacan Premium includes a special education area within the project. The Special Education area, which was designed within the scope of the project, was designed with a very rich infrastructure with its private garden, gym, dining hall, large library and laboratories expected from a contemporary education complex. The education area, which is specially designed to ensure that our children, the guarantee of our future, have a modern and advanced technology equipped with the requirements of the age, has been designed to reflect the premium quality.
Your car is at your Premium Parking
You have to catch up to work or you are about to be late for your friend meeting. But you don't worry… Because in Babacan Premium, your car is safe in the parking lot and your car park is just a few steps away from your house.
Sports Is Not A Temporary Freak Here
There is nothing like starting the day with sports. With the sportive activities of the Premium Club, which includes the privileged services offered by Babacan Premium to its residents, you will renew yourself and store energy, and you will enjoy sports with your neighbors and friends. While maintaining your physical and spiritual form with special opportunities such as fitness, Pilates, and Yoga, you will have fun moments in facilities such as Tennis Court and Basketball Court and refresh at Vitamin Bar.
All Risks Away From You
The understanding of security where every detail is under control 24/7, indoor and outdoor spaces where you can have a pleasant time, houses that are the center of peace and happiness… In Babacan Premium, all elements that provide a perfect life are under constant control. Close your eyes and experience the peace of professional security. All risks and possibilities are under control in Babacan Premium with a single door entry, 24/7 camera system, fire and smoke warning sensors and professional security team.
A Premium Life Project
How about walking paths lined with green? or spending a delicious and pleasant time in the BBQ and Barbecue Area with your loved ones? If you want, start a pleasant conversation with your friends in Kamelya or Terrace Café. Make your decision and leave the rest to Babacan Premium. Because Babacan Premium is a life project ... We have cared that its design is not only architectural or engineering-oriented, but people-oriented and we have planned every detail for you ...
The Peace and Health You Seek
In the Premium Club, you will find privileges that will refresh yourself in mystical environments special to you and make you smile with health at all times with the Turkish Bath, Spa and Sauna, Massage Room and Steam Room, as well as sports activities.
Your Award Awaits You
Babacan Premium offers its residents unique areas where they can reward themselves. While you and your loved ones are waiting for you and your loved ones to leave the stress of the day to the cool waters with the specially designed Outdoor Swimming Pool, the special loggia areas around and the children pool next to it, entertaining areas such as the Cinema Room, Open and Closed Children's Playgrounds, PlayStation Room and Outdoor Children's Swimming Pool will help you relieve the stress of the day. It will provide ...

Garden Pleasure in the Middle of the City Spending peaceful moments and refreshing with your family is just one of the beauties offered by Babacan Premium. 60% of Babacan Premium is reserved for green areas and social facilities in order to enjoy the peace of nature and enjoyment to the fullest. Carefully selected trees and plants, inspired by nature, were shaped by leading landscape architects for the project. Many more surprises await you in the specially designed landscape area, where green areas stand out, stylized with camellia, artificial ponds, jasmine pools and ornamental waterfalls.

Leisure will be replaced by fun moments Babacan Premium’s distinguished living standards were designed with different interests in mind. The alternative social living areas in the project will allow you to have pleasant moments with your loved ones, away from the stress of the day… Babacan Premium hosts pleasant surprises for its residents of all ages in every corner. With the Artificial Pond, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Fitness Center and Playstation rooms, Babacan Premium’s social areas will be at your service every day to make the most of your free time.

A Premium Design by Babacan
While designing Babacan Premium, we were inspired by Istanbul and we wanted to leave both a symbolic structure to Istanbul and a valuable legacy to our future… In the big city that unites two continents; We brought life, work and social life together in the same project. We built a mixed project in Babacan Premium, which consists of 1,010 residences and 56 commercial units in 4 blocks and 2 towers that respect family values ​​and nurture each other's investment value.





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